We Care

We firmly believe that everyone has a part to play in making this world a better place for us all and with that in mind we are happy to broadcast regular charity spots free of charge as pat of our social responsibility programme. 

During normal programming, we will have at least one charity spot per hour and these spots can range between twenty seconds to up to five minutes. Often we'll also have an extra two-minute spot taking play during the ad breaks.  

We also occasionally run other charity or fundraising appeals both on-air, on the site and in person at local events.  

You are welcome to contact us to nominate your charity or your non-profit organisation for consideration for either our regular charity spots or for special appeals.  Email our team at ff (at)@ seafrontmedia.co.uk.   Please note that due to programming restrictions, schedule changes and running orders, we can not guarantee an exact time of broadcast for our charity spots, however, usually they will be around twenty minutes past each hour or during the ad breaks that usually occur at fifteen and forty-five minutes past each hour.